International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

May 2011


Sophisticated tools for outdoor use

High-quality electronics through IECQ

Modern-day technologies are not confined to homes, factories or offices. They have also reached the outdoors. While electric lawn mowers and gardening tools have been around for some time, they have, in recent years, benefitted from the numerous developments in the electronics sector, as have other outdoor devices and equipment.

Electronics for the garden

Take the lawn mower, for example. A long time ago, it was powered by humans. Pushing the lawnmower turned a cylinder of sharp blades. Then came the gasoline-powered version, the electric version, the ride-on version, and now the robotic version that will cut the grass in your backyard while you’re away. The battery-powered robotic lawn mower has sensors that recognize when it is over grass that has to be cut and that will cause it to reverse direction when reaching walkways or patios.  


One day you may even have robots doing all the trimming, pruning and planting for you.

Safety inside and out

Electronics play an important role in keeping homes and gardens safe. From outdoor lights with motion detectors to infra-red electronic fencing around the pool and wave detection alarm systems within, there is a whole range of devices and systems that can help you make the area around your house safer.


Because electrical and electronic products comprise many, sometimes running to hundreds of individual components and sub-assemblies, manufacturers want to be assured that the electronic components used in their products are of the required quality and reliability and are safe.

Eliminating inspection and quality-auditing costs

IECQ, the IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components, is instrumental in proving the quality and reliability of electronic components. The system also helps manufacturers minimize incoming inspection costs and eliminate suppliers' auditing for quality, by favouring suppliers who hold IECQ product approvals for their components.


IECQ does more than just test and certify a wide range of electronic components. Through its IECQ HSPM (Hazardous Substances Process Management) programme, it also helps electronic component suppliers prove that their products comply with hazardous substances requirements.


IECQ annual meetings

On the lookout for improvement

That IECQ is well established in the electronic industry sector doesn’t prevent the system from always looking for improvement and keeping abreast of new technologies. The IECQ annual meetings are a great opportunity for the IECQ community to gather and discuss the way ahead, make decisions and outline strategies that will have an impact in the future.


The 2011 annual meetings were held in Singapore on 4-8 April 2011 and covered the complete array of issues pertaining to the system. With an electronic component sector in constant evolution, IECQ has to move fast and include new developments in its programmes.

Planning for the future

Product piracy and counterfeit parts have become a serious issue for the electronics industry in the past decade. The IECQ is well aware of the importance of the problem, both for electronic components in general and more specifically for avionics components. A decision was made to prepare an IEC brochure on the subject. WG (Working Group) 4: IECQ Avionics ECMP (Electronic Component Management Plan) also produced a report that addressed the counterfeit issue, as well as that of lead-free components.


The success of the IECQ HSPM was noted, along with progress on the revision of IECQ QC 080000, IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components (IECQ) - Electrical and Electronic Components and Products - Hazardous Substance Process Management System Requirements (HSPM).


Many of the decisions made during the meetings dealt with the general administration of the System and its evolution and possible future expansion. 


All participants, IECQ Officers and members alike, found the gathering extremely fruitful and promising for the future of the System.


  • Robotic lawnmower cuts the grass for you (Photo: Husqvarna).
  • Pool alarms detect accidental intrusions into swimming pools.
  • Security lighting with motion sensors.



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