International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

April 2011


Website hints and tips

From breadcrumbs to IEC NC pages

Last month's e-tech provided some essential keystrokes for accessing TC and SC dashboard pages directly. Here are some other hints and tips on finding your way around the new IEC website using the breadcrumbs and shortcuts.


The new IEC website uses breadcrumbs for fast navigation between pages in sections. Instead of having to use the Back key to follow your path to a previous page, simply click the relevant breadcrumb. Each hierarchical level is separated by the sign >.


Breadcrumb separators use the > sign

Point to and click Technical Committees & Subcommittees to navigate back two levels.


Breadcrumbs in e-tech

Click e-tech to reach the entry page for the current month's edition or News & views to reach the list of other recent news items.

Navigate directly to a National Committee page

Navigate directly to an NC page

In the address bar of your browser window, type followed by a slash (/), then the letters nc, a hyphen (-) and the two country initials. Your browser automatically completes the full address and displays the relevant page.


Reach the Swiss NC rapidly