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April 2011


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The IEC Webstore was the first part of the IEC website to take on the new look and fresh design. Now, a new "send to a friend" feature will help others discover the many facets of International Standards and the broad areas covered by the IEC and its publications.


You're interested in transportation and you've just discovered the March 2011 IEC TR (Technical Report) 62267-2, Railway applications - Automated urban guided transport (AUGT) - Safety requirements - Part 2: Hazard analysis at top system level, published by IEC TC (Technical Committee) 9: Electrical equipment and systems for railways. You'd like to tell others about this new publication.


Now, with the Send to a friend button it's easy to send a link of the publications you've listed and spread the knowledge about all the IEC publications available.

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To use the feature you need to have your selected publications listed using either the Search or the Advanced Search boxes.

Search, Advanced search Enter a keyword(s) and press ENTER (or click Go) to display relevant IEC International Standards, or use the Advanced Search function to narrow your search and list publication(s) using different search criteria.

Consult the preview

For practically any International Standard available online in the IEC Webstore you can consult a preview version that will allow you to view the entire list of contents and read other useful details about the scope and use of the International Standard.

Consult the preview

Mail to a friend

Mail it to a friendOnce you've made your selection, click Send to a friend and fill in the relevant details, together with a short personal message.


  • Mail a friend from the IEC WebstoreMail a friend.
  • The preview contains the entire list of contentsEach IEC International Standard contains publication details with a button (icon) to access a preview.
  • Preview contains list of contents of each publication The preview of an IEC International Standard includes the complete list of contents.



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