International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

March 2011


Essential keystrokes

Access a TC and SC dashboard directly

The new IEC website has a myriad of new information set out in menus, tabs and links. Here are a couple of tips concerning functionality and the logic to help you access pages directly.


Every browser page has an address bar in which you can type an Internet address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator).


Reach a committee dashboard directly with short URLTo reach a particular IEC TC (Technical Committee) or SC (Subcommittee) dashboard page directly without going through a menu, simply type (the domain name of the IEC) in the address bar, followed by a slash (/) and the letters tc (or sc) together with the relevant number and letter (e.g. When you hit [Enter] the system automatically adds the access protocol (http) and completes the URL.


Your system completes the URL

Dashboards for other committees

The new IEC website has dashboards for all committees including, for example, SMB ( and ACOS (


To access a different TC or SC page, simply edit the tc or sc part of the URL information in the address bar, typing over, or backspacing the relevant text as necessary.


URLs are case sensitive

Note that URLs are case sensitive so you need to type the initials smb, acos, tc or sc in small letters.

Access through menus

List TCs through Advanced search menuYou can also access dashboards using the Dashboard Finder which is in the Advanced search menu.


Standards development menu leads to TC/SC list


To display a list of all IEC TCs and SCs and select any one individually, go to the Standards development menu and select the submenu List of Technical Committees.


List of all IEC TCs/SCs




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