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March 2011


First joint ISO/IEC adoption workshop

ISO and IEC training

In February 2011 Singapore was the venue for the first joint ISO/IEC regional course on adopting and referencing International Standards.


The IEC joined ISO (International Organization for Standardization) on 9-11 February in historic Clarke Quay, Singapore, at the first common regional course on adopting and referencing International Standards.


Hosted by Spring, the organization that holds the secretariat of the Singapore NC (National Committee) of the IEC, the workshop was held in Singapore with the participation of the IEC-APRC (IEC Asia-Pacific Regional Centre) and was sponsored by both organizations – although only ISO covered ISO members' travel, hotel and per diem costs under its DEVCO Programme. The course was developed by an independent consultant with input from the IEC and ISO and aimed at facilitating adoption of International Standards in the Asia-Pacific region, thus helping participating countries to comply with WTO TBT (World Trade Organization Technical Barriers to Trade) agreement.


The objective was to explain the benefits of adopting International Standards as regional or national standards while clarifying national obligations under the WTO TBT agreement with regard to the use of International Standards as a basis for technical regulations.


The training highlighted procedures common with ISO regarding member countries and demonstrated how participants in IEC’s Affiliate Country Programme can benefit from adoption, in accordance with ISO/IEC Guide 21.


Based on case studies and examples, 29 participants from 15 countries – including Singapore – profited from practical experience of the decisions to be made during the adoption.


Said Dennis Chew, Officer in charge of the IEC-APRC and IEC coordinator for the workshop, was able to respond to specific questions about the IEC and declared: "The event illustrated with concrete examples how ISO/IEC Guide 21 on adoption of International Standards can be used. Working at the regional level gave IEC members and affiliates the chance to share their experiences when adopting IEC International Standards."


The IEC looks forward to building on these efforts, jointly with ISO, or independently when this makes sense (National Committee workshops, regional events).


  • Group photo taken during the meeting in Singapore.



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