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Billions of connections


The combination of Big Data and IoT presents countless opportunities for the manufacturing sector. Together they can track complex manufacturing processes and help increase yields while reducing costs. They can monitor product performance, which can lead to product improvement and innovation.


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No rest in efforts to thwart cyberattacks


Following a surge in instances of attacks targeting government, organizations and private computer systems, cybersecurity threats are emerging as a major issue for economies and societies. Through its standardization and conformity assessment work, the IEC is taking steps to mitigate the risks posed by cyber threats.


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Embracing cage-free colleagues


Advances in the development of cobots or collaborative robots, capable of working safely with humans along assembly lines, is paving the way for smaller businesses to become more streamlined and competitive.


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From farm to table


Industrial automation is not limited to assembly lines where machines and robots put together, pack and dispatch semi-finished products or manufactured goods. One sector where it has experienced an unprecedented degree of automation is the food-processing industry. A striking example of this is provided by the bakery sector.


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No Cloud-free zone!


The Cloud is here to stay and its significance increases for businesses, whether big or small, and for individuals. It is seen as offering significant economic advantages as well as presenting a number of challenges and issues that need addressing. The IEC has started working on this in some areas.


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No light, no safety, no automation in industry


Lighting in the industrial environment has expanded well beyond its initial function of illuminating shop floors and other areas to improving safety and enabling automation in many areas, and fulfilling a growing range of tasks..


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Connecting machines, IoT and the Cloud


Manufacturing, which accounts for around one-sixth of gross world product is entering a new era in which formerly separate manufacturing processes combine to produce intelligent data. ICT is increasingly transforming manufacturing into highly automated and IT-driven processes, in a concept of change generally referred to as smart manufacturing.


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Sensing light at fibre end


Fibre optic systems can be found in a growing number of applications including communications and sensors. IEC SC 86C prepares International Standards for fibre optic systems and active devices embracing all types of communications and sensor applications.


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The heat is always on for special TC


Electroheating, the high-power heating of material using electrical energy, is widely used in the food-processing industry, as well as sectors dealing with elements ranging from metals to glass, ceramics, polymers and natural fibres. An IEC TC develops International Standards for this energy efficient process.


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Safety on the factory floor


The development of automation throughout the 20th century brought enormous changes to the industrial world: some jobs disappeared, others underwent major transformation, new ones were created and, most importantly, the interaction between man and machine was altered forever. In recent years, the emergence and proliferation of robots on the factory floor has raised automation to a new level.


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Smart oil and gas


Big Data is set to change the way we work by improving operations and allowing faster, more accurate analyses which lead to more informed decisions being made. Confident decision-making could in turn lead to greater efficiency, reduced risks and cost savings. While the oil and gas sector hasn’t really embraced the concept yet, it could derive huge benefit from it.


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Sensored all the way


Sensors: they are invisible, most people don’t even know what they look like, but they are omnipresent today. They have a major impact on our home and work environments and are making our lives much safer and easier in many ways.


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Calling Young Professionals to Minsk


National Committees have until the end of June to register participants, selected at national level, for the IEC Young Professionals – 2015 workshop. The workshop will be held in Minsk in October during the IEC General Meeting.


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The emergence of Big Data in the power sector


With many utilities around the world embarking on Smart Grids, installations of real time sensors around the grids have generated an unprecedented amount of data for utilities. Terms such as ‘data avalanche’ and ‘data tsunami’ indicate that the data issue has taken some utilities by surprise, either by its sudden emergence or by its volume. This article by Thahirah Jalal, Unison Networks Limited, New Zealand, and 2014 Young Professional Leader, highlights some of the issues that are typically faced by a power utility that has implemented a Smart Grid.


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For you: important event on risk management


Recognizing the need to raise awareness on explosive atmospheres and liabilities in Africa, the African Electrotechnical Standardization Commission (AFSEC) and IECEx , in collaboration with the African Energy Commission (AFREC) and the National Electrotechnical Committee of Ghana, organize an international seminar in Accra, Ghana on 20 July 2015.


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Solar thermal electric plants: New Chair


The Standardization Management Board (SMB) has approved the nomination of Werner Platzer as Chair of Technical Committee (TC) 117: Solar thermal electric plants.


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Obituary - Walter von Pattay


The IEC Family was deeply saddened by the recent passing of Dr Walter von Pattay, Secretary of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 25: Interconnection of information technology equipment, a long-time champion of Smart Homes and Smart Buildings, and strong supporter of international standardization.


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Make it yours


Want to learn about conformity assessment? Get personalized and practical insights on topics of interest to you? Exchange views and network with experts and peers? Don’t look further, the WSC Workshop on Conformity Assessment will help you get answers and meet people that matter in the CA field.


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Making a good product no longer enough


IEC Global Visions interviewed Masami Yamamoto, President, Fujitsu, a globally leading information and communication technology company. Yamamoto explains how active participation in IEC work enables Fujitsu to accelerate product development and facilitates the integration of technologies from different providers into total systems solutions.


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Imagine a world without Standards…


Already in its 17th year, the World Standards Day competition is back – with a twist! This year participants are being asked to submit a short video rather than the traditional poster.


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Making the Internet of Things a reality


Smart Grid, Smart Homes, smart manufacturing, smart water networks and intelligent transportation are just some of the infrastructure systems that connect our world more than we ever thought possible. Their deployment is inextricably linked to the Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Networks. A new IEC White Paper highlights the role of Wireless Sensor Networks in the evolution of the Internet of Things.


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