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Standardization Management Board

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DMT Members

Mr Rémy Baillif
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Mr Martin DanversGB
Mr Stefan EmdeDE
Mr Luis Iván HernándezMX
Mr Shuji HirakawaJP
Mr Thierry LaînéFR
Mrs Cristina TimoIT
Mr William Anthony ZertucheUS

Title / Task


Directives Maintenance Team


The IEC Directives Maintenance Team (DMT) is an advisory group to the Standardization Management Board (SMB). The object of the DMT is to maintain the IEC Directives for the technical work keeping in mind the necessity of harmonization between IEC, ISO and JTC1 processes.

The tasks of the DMT as directed by the SMB are the following:
• to study special requirements, with regard to the directives and procedures, and to make recommendations thereon;
• to advise the SMB on proposals submitted by other IEC bodies concerning the implementation of the current ISO/IEC Directives.
• to propose to the SMB necessary amendments for the updating of the ISO/IEC Directives and procedures;
• to revise the ISO/IEC Directives in accordance with decisions of the SMB.