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TC 23

Electrical accessories


TC 23 Scope

TC 23

To prepare standards for electrical accessories for household and similar purposes, the word similar including locations such as offices, commercial and industrial premises, hospitals, public building, etc.

These accessories:

- are intended for fixed installation, or for use in or with appliances and other electrical or electronic equipment, and may include electronic components.

- are normally installed by instructed or skilled persons and are normally used by ordinary persons.

Include, in particular:

- conduit systems

- cable trunking systems

- cable ducting systems

- cable support systems

- switches

- HBES switches

- plugs and socket-outlets

- cable reels

- adaptors

- circuit breakers for overcurrent protection

- devices protecting against electric shock

- contactors

- connecting devices

- enclosures for accessories

- appliance couplers

- cord sets

Note 1) For the terms "instructed persons", "skilled persons", and "ordinary persons" see Publication IEC 61140; 3.30, 3.31 and 3.32.

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