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TC 8

Systems aspects for electrical energy supply


TC 8 Scope

TC 8

To prepare and coordinate, in co-operation with other TC/SCs, the development of international standards and other deliverables with emphasis on overall system aspects of electricity supply systems and acceptable balance between cost and quality for the users of electrical energy. Electricity supply system encompasses transmission and distribution networks and connected user installations (generators and loads) with their network interfaces .

The following list contains a couple of examples on system related aspects and elements belonging to the overall process of electricity supply. The purpose of this non-exhaustive list is to illustrate, in which fields expertise is required within TC8, in order to enable the committee to properly fulfil its given task. It is not meant to be a list of items to be standardised.

Examples for main system aspects to be taken into account are the following:


Electrical system reliability

- planning,

- operating limits (capability),

- adequacy,

- system security.

Connection practices

- generators,

- loads,

- system characteristics,

- system planning data (different opportunities for connection)


- load/generation balance,

- protection and control,

- fault management,

- contingency planning,

- management of abnormal and emergency conditions (black-out, islanding).

- measurement and monitoring

Network responsibility

- operational safety,

- security.


Data exchange and balancing

- data acquisition and aggregation,

- settlement,

- exchange of data, identification schemes,

- billing,

- load profiles.


- operational safety,

- security

Charging mechanisms for use of public supply systems

Outsourcing of network related services

Characteristics of energy supply

- Nominal values and ranges of variation of voltages, currents and frequencies of generation, transmission, distribution and utilisation systems.

- Parameters defining characteristics of energy supply (continuity, voltage dips, over/under voltages, voltage unbalance, voltage fluctuations, harmonics, inter-harmonics) at the interfaces between HV, MV and LV networks and their users- (system operators, generators and consumers)

System functions:

TC 8 has a system function, having to deal with system aspects of electrical energy supply. However, by definition, TC 8 has also a horizontal function which is limited to the items mentioned under Characteristics of energy supply (voltage frequency and current and all their parameters) in order to prepare basic publications and ensure the consistency of the IEC publications in these fields.

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