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TC 93

Design automation


TC 93 Scope

TC 93

Standardization to enable the integration and automation of electrotechnical product design, engineering, manufacturing, and logistics support processes, and to facilitate procedures for product operation and maintenance. This standardization should also support the integrated system design of electrotechnical products which encompasses the electrical, electronic, electromechanical and embedded software performance aspects.

Such standardization involves computer-sensible representations of electrotechnical hardware and embedded and control software for use in computer-aided and auxiliary activities that may directly impact these processes. Representative activities include but are not limited to:

- preparing data element descriptions of electrotechnical products,

- preparing information models or such products,

- preparing design, engineering, manufacturing and logistics support process application protocols,

- identifying hardware and software requirements to support the use and validation of the application protocols,

- developing methods and enabling technologies for TC 93 and other IEC Technical Committees.

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