International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 3

Information structures and elements, identification and marking principles, documentation and graphical symbols


TC 3 Scope

TC 3

To prepare standards for the electrotechnical and related

fields regarding:

1) methods and rules associated with the human interpretation of

information. This refers to:

- presentation of information in technical documentation,

- graphical symbols for use in technical documentation,

- graphical symbols for the human interaction with equipment,

2) methods and rules associated with the handling of information

in computer sensible form. This refers to:

- information models for the purpose of technical

documentation and the exchange of technical information,

and the identification of further needs for such models,

- definition of data element types and data sets for use in

information models and technical documentation, and for

exchange of technical information.

It includes definition and co-ordination of the information

required during the whole life cycle of a device, system, or


The work should be carried out in close co-operation with

associated technical committees and international


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