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SC 23B

Plugs, socket-outlets and switches


SC 23B Scope

SC 23B

a) To prepare standards for general purpose switches including electronic switches, time-delay switches, remote control switches and isolating switches, for a.c. only, with rated voltage not exceeding 440 V, and with a maximum rated current not exceeding 125 A, intended for household and similar purposes, either indoors or outdoors.

b) To prepare standards for switches and related accessories for use in Home and Building Electronic Systems (HBES), with a working voltage not exceeding 250 V a.c. and a rated current up to and including 16 A, intended for household and similar purposes, either indoors or outdoors and to associated electronic extension units. An HBES switch is a device using two way communication designed to make or break and/or to control, directly (e.g. actuator) or indirectly (e.g. sensor), the current in one or more electric circuits. The communication can use different media e.g. Twisted Pair (TP), Power Line (PL), Infra Red (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF).

In particular:

• HBES switches can be used for the operation of lamp circuits and the control of the brightness of lamps (dimmers) as well as the control of the speed of motors (e.g. those used in ventilating fans) and for other purposes (e.g. heating installations),

• HBES switch are all kind of HBES devices e.g. switches, sensors, actuators, switched-socket-outlets, associated electronic extension units, etc.

• The operation and control of the HBES switches are performed:

- intentionally by a person via an actuating member, a key, a card, etc., via a sensing surface or a sensing unit, by means of touch, proximity, turn, optical, acoustic, thermal,

- by physical means, e.g. light, temperature, humidity, time, wind velocity, presence of people,

- by any other influence;

• And transmitted

- by an electronic signal via several media, e.g. powerline (mains), twisted pair, optical fibre, radio frequency, infra-red, etc…

c) To prepare standards for plugs, fixed and portable socket-outlets, fused plugs, socket-outlets for appliances, switched socket-outlets with and without interlock, plugs and socket-outlets for SELV, with a rated voltage not exceeding 440 V and a rated current not exceeding 32 A, intended for household and similar purposes, either indoors or outdoors.

d) To prepare standards for boxes and enclosures for household devices, boxes and enclosures with provision for suspension means, connecting boxes and enclosures, floor boxes and enclosures, enclosures for housing protective devices and similar power consuming devices with a rated voltage not exceeding 1 000 V a.c. and 1 500 V d.c., intended for household and similar purposes, either indoors or outdoors. These standards are applicable to boxes, enclosures intended to house accessories which are in the field of other TC 23 Subcommittees and are produced in conjunction with other Sub-committees.

e) To prepare standards for ancillary products which are related to/incorporate in products covered by a), b), c), d) e.g. Devices for the Connection of Luminaires (DCLs), adaptors, cable reels, indicator light units, cord extension sets etc.

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