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TC 115

High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission for DC voltages above 100 kV


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P-members 7 8 1
O-members 0 3 5
Non-members 0 3 0
Total 7 14 6

P-members with no response: Egypt

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Report of Comments

Document 115/77/DC


Revision of IEC Guide 111 Ed. 2.0: Electrical high-voltage equipment in high-voltage substations - Common recommendations for product standards-Document for comment


Reference Circulation date Closing date Downloads
115/77/DC 2013-11-01 2013-12-13
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Austria O 2013-12-11 N
Brazil P 2013-12-13 N
Canada O 2013-12-10 N
China P 2013-12-13 Y
Denmark O
Egypt P
Finland O
France P 2013-12-05 N
Germany P 2013-12-12 Y
Greece O 2013-12-13 N
India P 2013-12-12 N
Ireland - 2013-12-04 N
Italy P 2013-12-11 Y
Japan P 2013-12-12 Y
Korea, Republic of P 2013-11-27 N
Malaysia P 2013-12-13 Y
Netherlands P 2013-12-06 N
Poland O
Portugal - 2013-12-13 N
Romania - 2013-12-13 N
Russian Federation P 2013-12-06 N
South Africa O
Spain P 2013-12-12 N
Sweden P 2013-11-18 Y
Switzerland O
United Kingdom P 2013-11-28 Y
United States of America P 2013-11-22 N