International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 113

Nanotechnology for electrotechnical products and systems





Approval %
9 9 100 >50% APPROVED


Number of


approving and

16 3 >=4 (if <=16)
>=5 (if >=17)

 Illustration: Voting

Voting Result

Document 113/178/NP


Project : IEC TS 62876-2-1 ED1

Nanotechnology - Reliability assessment - Part 2.1 Nano-enabled photovoltaic devices - Stability test


Reference Circulation date Closing date Downloads
113/178/NP 2012-12-21 2013-03-22
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Result of Voting

Argentina O
Australia P 2013-03-22 A N N N -
Austria O 2013-03-22 A N N N -
Belgium - 2013-02-27 A N N N -
Brazil O 2013-03-22 A N N N -
Bulgaria P 2013-03-15 Y N N N -
Canada P 2013-03-21 Y N N N Y*
China P 2013-03-22 A N N N -
Czech Republic O
Denmark O
Finland P 2013-03-04 A N N N -
France P 2013-03-22 A N N N -
Germany P 2013-03-19 Y Y N Y -
Greece - 2013-03-21 A N N N -
Hungary O
India O
Indonesia O
Italy P 2013-03-21 A Y N N -
Japan P 2013-03-22 Y Y N Y Y
Korea, Republic of P 2013-03-18 Y N N N -
Malaysia P 2013-02-22 Y N Y N -
Mexico O 2013-03-21 A N N N -
Netherlands O
Norway P
Pakistan - 2013-03-19 Y N N N -
Poland O
Portugal O 2013-03-22 A N N N -
Qatar - 2013-03-20 Y N N N -
Romania P
Russian Federation P 2013-03-20 Y N N Y Y
Singapore O
South Africa O
Spain P 2013-03-22 Y Y N N -
Sweden O
United Kingdom O
United States of America P 2013-03-11 Y N N N Y


The final result of voting will be indicated in the Report of Voting (RVN), as P-members have the possibility to nominate an expert one month after the closing date -- complete information in AC/172/2000

  1. Approving: Does the National Committee approve the addition of the new proposal to the program of work of the committee [Yes/No] ?

  2. Only votes received from P-members before the closing date are counted in determining the decision.

  3. P-members not voting: Norway; Romania(2)

  4. CD/CDV: Does the National Committee agree with direct submission of the draft accompanying the proposal as a Committee Draft/Committee Draft for Voting [Y if Yes] ?

  5. Participation : Is the National Committee prepared to participate in the development of the project [Yes/No] ? (Only those voting in favour of the proposal itself have their willingness to participate considered as part of the final decision.)

  6. Acceptance criteria for TS/IS:

    • approval of the work item by a simple majority of the P-members voting

    • at least 4 P-members in the case of a committee with 16 or fewer P-members, or at least 5 P-members in the case of committees with 17 or more P-members, have nominated or confirmed the name of an expert and approved the new work item proposal

*Comments rejected because they were not submitted in the IEC Comment form.
**Vote rejected due to lack of justification statement.