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TC 45

Nuclear instrumentation


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Comments received
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P-members 7 9 5
O-members 0 1 12
Non-members 0 3 0
Total 7 13 17

P-members with no response: Egypt; Norway; Pakistan; Sweden; United States of America

*Comments rejected because they were not submitted in the IEC Comment form.

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Report of Comments

Document 45/762/Q


Proposal for new title and scope of SC 45A, Instrumentation and control of nuclear facilities


Reference Circulation date Closing date Downloads
45/762/Q 2013-09-13 2013-11-08
Compilation of Comments
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All comments

Argentina P 2013-11-05 N
Austria O 2013-11-08 N
Belarus O
Belgium P 2013-10-15 N
Bulgaria O
Canada P 2013-10-30 N
China P 2013-11-08 N
Czech Republic O
Denmark O
Egypt P
Finland P 2013-11-07 Y
France P 2013-10-25 Y
Germany P 2013-11-04 Y
Greece - 2013-11-06 N
India O
Iran O
Ireland - 2013-11-04 N
Israel O
Italy P 2013-11-06 Y
Japan P 2013-10-31 N
Korea, Republic of P 2013-11-08 N
Netherlands P 2013-10-31 N
New Zealand O
Norway P
Pakistan P
Poland O
Portugal - 2013-11-08 N
Romania P 2013-11-08 N
Russian Federation P 2013-10-28 Y
Serbia O
Slovakia O
Spain O
Sweden P
Switzerland P 2013-10-09 Y
Ukraine P 2013-11-07 N
United Kingdom P 2013-11-04 Y
United States of America P