International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 34

Lamps and related equipment


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Document 34/178/DTR


Project : IEC TR 62493-1:2013 ED1

IEC/TR 62493-1 on IEC 62493: Assessment of lighting equipment related to human exposure to electromagnetic: Fields results of the EMF Measurement Campaign from the VDE Test and Certification Institute and the ZVEI, the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association


Reference Circulation date Closing date Downloads
34/178/DTR 2013-03-01 2013-05-03
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Result of Voting

Australia P 2013-04-30 Y -
Austria P 2013-03-27 Y -
Belarus O 2013-05-03 Y -
Belgium P 2013-04-09 Y -
Bulgaria O
Canada O
China P 2013-05-02 A -
Colombia O
Czech Republic O
Denmark P 2013-05-01 Y -
Egypt P
Finland P 2013-05-02 Y -
France P
Germany P 2013-04-29 Y -
Greece P 2013-04-12 A -
Hungary P 2013-05-03 A -
India P 2013-05-02 Y -
Indonesia P 2013-05-03 A -
Iran O
Israel O
Italy P 2013-04-23 Y -
Japan P 2013-04-17 Y Y
Korea, Republic of P 2013-04-29 Y -
Malaysia O
Mexico P 2013-05-02 Y -
Moldova P
Netherlands P 2013-04-26 Y -
New Zealand P 2013-05-03 A -
Norway P
Pakistan P 2013-05-03 Y -
Philippines, Rep. of the O
Poland O
Portugal P 2013-05-03 Y -
Qatar - 2013-05-02 Y -
Romania P 2013-04-30 Y -
Russian Federation P 2013-04-22 Y -
Saudi Arabia O
Serbia P 2013-03-20 Y Y
Singapore P 2013-05-02 A -
Slovakia O
Slovenia O
South Africa O
Spain P 2013-04-29 Y -
Sri Lanka P
Sweden P 2013-03-14 Y -
Thailand P
Turkey P 2013-05-03 Y -
Ukraine O
United Kingdom P 2013-04-10 Y -
United States of America P 2013-04-19 Y -


  1. Vote: Does the National Committee agree to publish the draft as a TR:
    Y = In favour; N = Against; A = Abstention.

  2. Abstentions are not taken into account when totalizing the votes.

  3. P-members not voting: Egypt; France; Moldova; Norway; Sri Lanka; Thailand(6).

*Comments rejected because they were not submitted in the IEC Comment form.
**Vote rejected due to lack of justification statement.