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TC 20

Electric cables





Approval %
24 24 100 >50% APPROVED


Number of


approving and

41 11 >=4 (if <=16)
>=5 (if >=17)

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Voting Result


Document 20/1427/NP


Projects :
IEC 62895 Ed. 1.0
IEC 62895 Ed. 1.0

High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) power transmission cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages up to 320 kV for land applications - Test methods and requirements


Reference Circulation date Closing date Downloads
20/1427/NP 2013-03-08 2013-06-14
Compilation of Comments
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Voting Result
20/1461/RVN 2013-09-06  
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Result of Voting

Algeria P
Australia P
Austria P 2013-05-29 Y N N N -
Belarus O 2013-06-14 Y N N N -
Belgium P 2013-05-21 Y N N Y -
Brazil P 2013-06-14 A N N N -
Canada P 2013-05-29 Y N N N -
China P 2013-06-14 Y N N N Y
Czech Republic P 2013-05-14 Y Y N N -
Denmark P 2013-06-13 Y N N N -
Egypt P
Finland P 2013-06-14 Y Y N N -
France P 2013-06-07 Y Y N Y -
Germany P 2013-06-13 Y N N Y -
Greece P 2013-06-14 A Y N N -
Hungary P
India P 2013-06-14 Y N N N -
Indonesia P 2013-05-13 Y N N N -
Iraq P
Ireland O 2013-05-23 Y Y N N -
Israel P 2013-06-13 A N N N -
Italy P 2013-06-14 Y N N Y -
Japan P 2013-06-14 Y Y N Y -
Korea, Republic of P 2013-06-10 Y Y N N -
Mexico P 2013-06-13 Y N N N -
Netherlands P 2013-06-06 Y N N N -
Norway P 2013-06-13 Y N N Y -
Oman P
Pakistan P
Poland P 2013-06-07 A N N N -
Portugal P 2013-06-14 Y Y N Y -
Qatar - 2013-06-12 Y Y N N -
Romania P
Russian Federation P 2013-06-14 Y N N N -
South Africa P 2013-06-14 Y N N Y -
Spain P 2013-03-26 Y N N Y -
Sri Lanka P
Sweden P 2013-06-11 A N N N -
Switzerland P 2013-05-27 Y N N Y -
Tunisia P
Turkey P 2013-06-07 A N N N -
United Kingdom P 2013-05-14 Y Y N Y -
United States of America P 2013-06-04 Y N N N -
Vietnam P


The final result of voting will be indicated in the Report of Voting (RVN), as P-members have the possibility to nominate an expert one month after the closing date -- complete information in AC/172/2000

  1. Approving: Does the National Committee approve the addition of the new proposal to the program of work of the committee [Yes/No] ?

  2. Only votes received from P-members before the closing date are counted in determining the decision.

  3. P-members not voting: Algeria; Australia; Egypt; Hungary; Iraq; Oman; Pakistan; Romania; Sri Lanka; Tunisia; Vietnam(11)

  4. CD/CDV: Does the National Committee agree with direct submission of the draft accompanying the proposal as a Committee Draft/Committee Draft for Voting [Y if Yes] ?

  5. Participation : Is the National Committee prepared to participate in the development of the project [Yes/No] ? (Only those voting in favour of the proposal itself have their willingness to participate considered as part of the final decision.)

  6. Acceptance criteria for TS/IS:

    • approval of the work item by a simple majority of the P-members voting

    • at least 4 P-members in the case of a committee with 16 or fewer P-members, or at least 5 P-members in the case of committees with 17 or more P-members, have nominated or confirmed the name of an expert and approved the new work item proposal

*Comments rejected because they were not submitted in the IEC Comment form.
**Vote rejected due to lack of justification statement.