International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


Liste des organisations en liaison avec des TC/SC

Total D Liaisons
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Liaisons avec des TC/SC de la CEI

TC 57/WG 10 Power system IED communication and associated data models
TC 57/WG 13 Energy management system application program interface (EMS - API)
TC 57/WG 14 System interfaces for distribution management (SIDM)
TC 57/WG 15 Data and communication security
TC 57/WG 16 Deregulated energy market communications
TC 57/WG 17 Communications Systems for Distributed Energy Resources (DER)
TC 57/WG 19 Interoperability within TC 57 in the long term
TC 57/WG 21 Interfaces and protocol profiles relevant to systems connected to the electrical grid