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Organizations with TC/SC liaisons
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Organizations with TC/SC liaisons

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TC/SC Liaisons
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1394 TATrade Association1394ta.orgLiaison (3)
ACIAirports Council InternationalLiaison (1)
AESAudio Engineering Societyaes.orgLiaison (47)
AIEEuropean Association of Electrical Contractorsaie.euLiaison (1)
AISEInternational Association of the Soap and Detergent Industryaise.euLiaison (2)
ANECEuropean Association for the co-ordination of consumer representation in standardizationanec.euLiaison (3)
ANFAsian Nano Forumasia-anf.orgLiaison (1)
ARIBAssociation of Radio Industries and Businessesarib.or.jpLiaison (4)
ATSCAdvanced Television Systems CommitteeLiaison (4)
BIPMInternational Bureau of Weights and MeasuresLiaison (3)
Bluetooth SIGBluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), Wireless Systems for Automationbluetooth.comLiaison (1)
CC-LINKControl & Communication Link Partner AssociationLiaison (4)
CEPTEuropean Conference of Postal and Telecommunications AdministrationsLiaison (7)
CIConsumers InternationalLiaison (5)
CIBInternational Council for Building Research Studies and DocumentationLiaison (1)
CIEInternational Commission on (8)
CIGREInternational Council on Large Electric Systemscigre.orgLiaison (7)
CIGRE/SC A2International council on large electric systems - TransformersLiaison (4)
CIGRE/SC A3High voltage equipmentLiaison (5)
CIGRE/SC B2Overhead linesLiaison (3)
CIGRE/SC B3SubstationsLiaison (3)
CIGRE/SC C4Power system performancesLiaison (7)
CIGRE/SC D1Materials and emerging test techniquesLiaison (5)
CIREDInternational Conference on Electricity Distributioncired.beLiaison (1)
CIRMInternational Maritime Radio Associationcirm.orgLiaison (4)
COCIRThe European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry.Liaison (3)
DICOMDigital Imaging and Communications in MedicineLiaison (2)
DLMSDLMS User AssociationLiaison (1)
DLNADigital Living Network Alliancedlna.orgLiaison (1)
DVBDigital Video Broadcastingdvb.orgLiaison (7)
DVD ForumDVD Forumdvdforum.orgLiaison (16)
EACEMEuropean Association of Consumer Electronics ManufacturersLiaison (1)
EBUEuropean Broadcasting UnionLiaison (5)
EBU/TC100European Blind Unioneuroblind.orgLiaison (1)
ECEuropean CommissionLiaison (7)
ECHONET consortiumECHONET consortiumLiaison (1)
ECMAEuropean Computer Manufacturers Associationecma-international.orgLiaison (6)
ECOSEuropean Environmental Citizen Organization for StandardizationLiaison (3)
EFOMPEuropean Federation of Organisations for Medical PhysicsLiaison (1)
EIAElectronic Industries AllianceLiaison (5)
EICTA-TRPGDigital Europe technical and regulatory policy groupLiaison (4)
ENTSO-EEuropean Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricityentsoe.euLiaison (5)
EPRIElectric Power Research InstituteLiaison (1)
EUCAREuropean Council for Automotive R & DLiaison (1)
EURALARMEuralarmLiaison (2)
EURELECTRICInternational Union of Producers and Distributors of Electrical EnergyLiaison (5)
EWICSEuropean Workshop of Industrial Computer SystemsLiaison (2)
EquiMarEquitable Testing and Evaluation of Marine Energy Extraction Devices in terms of Performance, Cost and Environmental Impactequimar.orgLiaison (1)
EtherCATEtherCAT Technology GroupLiaison (6)
European SG IS WGEuropean Smart Grid Information Security WGLiaison (1)
FDT Group AISBLFDT Group AISBLLiaison (1)
FIELDBUSFIELDBUS FoundationLiaison (6)
FISUELInternational Federation for the Safety of Electricity Usersfisuel.comLiaison (1)
GHTFGlobal Harmonisation Task ForceLiaison (1)
HART FoundationHART communication Foundationhartcomm.orgLiaison (3)
HDP User GroupHDP (High Density Packaging) User Group International, Inc.Liaison (1)
IACSInternational Association of Classification SocietiesLiaison (1)
IAEAInternational Atomic Energy AgencyLiaison (5)
IALAInternational Association of Marine Aids To Navigation and Lighthouse Authoritiesialathree.orgLiaison (1)
IAPWSThe International Association for the Properties of Water and SteamLiaison (2)
IARUInternational Amateur Radio UnionLiaison (10)
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation OrganizationLiaison (2)
ICCInternational Colour ConsortiumLiaison (1)
ICFSHEInternational Consortium for Fire Safety, Health and the EnvironmentLiaison (1)
ICNIRPInternational Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation ProtectionLiaison (2)
ICRPInternational Commission on Radiological ProtectionLiaison (5)
ICRUInternational Commission on Radiation Units and MeasurementsLiaison (4)
ICSInternational Chamber of Shippingmarisec.orgLiaison (1)
IEAInternational Energy AgencyLiaison (3)
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics EngineersLiaison (4)
IEEE 1722aAudio/Video NetworkingLiaison (7)
IEEE 515 WGElectrical Resistance Heat Tracing for Industrial ApplicationsLiaison (1)
IEEE EMC-S SDCEMC Society Standards DevelopmentLiaison (1)
IEEE GISIEEE Gas Insulted SubstationLiaison (1)
IEEE P1901IEEE P1901ieee.orgLiaison (2)
IEEE PCIC P1713IEEE PCIC P1713Liaison (1)
IEEE PESIEEE Power & Energy Societyieee-pes.orgLiaison (1)
IEEE SPDC WG 3.6.2Low Voltage Solid State Surge Protective ComponentsLiaison (1)
IEEE SwitchgearIEEE Switchgear CommiteeLiaison (2)
IEEE/IMS TC 39Measurements in Power SystemsLiaison (2)
IEEE/PES/EDPGIEEE/PES/EDPG/Hydroelectric Power SubcommitteeLiaison (1)
IEEE/SC22IEEE/SC22Liaison (1)
IEEE/SCC 39/TC 34Product Safety relative to the Safe Use of Electromagnetic EnergyLiaison (1)
IEEE/TC10IEEE/TC10Liaison (1)
IFACInternational Federation of Automatic ControlLiaison (2)
IHBInternational Hydrographic Bureauiho-ohi.netLiaison (1)
IIWInternational Institute of WeldingLiaison (1)
ILOInternational Labour OrganisationLiaison (4)
IMOInternational Maritime Organizationimo.orgLiaison (2)
IMPIInternational Microwave Power InstituteLiaison (1)
IOCUInternational Organization of Consumers UnionsLiaison (1)
IPCAssociation Connecting Electronics Industries, USALiaison (9)
ISA 100Wireless Systems for Automation,Liaison (1)
ISA 67Nuclear power standardsisa.orgLiaison (1)
ISA SP104Electronic Device Description Languageisa.orgLiaison (2)
ISA SP105Commissioning, Loop Checks and Factory & Site Acceptance/Integration Tests for Industrial Automation Systemsisa.orgLiaison (1)
ISA SP95Enterprise - Control Integrationisa.orgLiaison (1)
ISA SP99 & SP100Manufacturing and Control Systems Security & Wireless Systems for Automationisa.orgLiaison (1)
ISA/SP 99Manufacturing and Control Systems SecurityLiaison (1)
ISAFInternational Sailing Federationsailing.orgLiaison (1)
ISOInternational Organization for Standardizationiso.orgLiaison (169)
ISSAInternational Social Security AssociationLiaison (3)
ITUInternational Telecommunication Unionitu.intLiaison (18)
ITU-RInternational Telecommunication Union - Radiocommunications Bureauitu.intLiaison (6)
ITU-TInternational Telecommunication Union - Telecommunication Standardization Bureauitu.intLiaison (16)
ITU-T/SG 12International Telecommunication Union - Telecommunication Standardization BureauLiaison (3)
ITU-T/SG 15Optical transport networds and access network infrastructuresLiaison (1)
ITU-T/SG 17International telecommunication union - Study group 17: Languages and Telecommunicatons SoftwareLiaison (1)
ITU-T/SG 5Internationa telecommunication Union - Standardization Bureau - Study GroupLiaison (3)
IUPAPInternational Union of Pure and Applied PhysicsLiaison (1)
JEITAJapan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association Liaison (10)
JPCAJapan Electronics Packaging and Circuits AssociationLiaison (8)
MEASNETMeasuring Network of Wind Energy Institutesmeasnet.comLiaison (1)
MMAMIDI Manufacturers Associationmidi.orgLiaison (7)
MODBUSMODBUSmodbus.orgLiaison (5)
NMEANational Marine Electronic AssociationLiaison (3)
OASISOrganization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standardshttps:Liaison (2)
ODVAOpen DeviceNet Vendorsodva.orgLiaison (5)
OECD/NEAOECD/Nuclear Energy Agencynea.frLiaison (1)
OGPInternational Organization for Oil and Gas ProducersLiaison (1)
OIMLInternational Organization of Legal Metrologyoiml.orgLiaison (7)
OIML/TC 1TerminologyLiaison (2)
OIML/TC 12Instruments for measuring electrical quantitiesLiaison (2)
OIML/TC 13International Organization of Legal MetrologyLiaison (1)
OIML/TC 2Units of measurementLiaison (2)
OIML/TC 5Electronic instrument and softwareLiaison (2)
ONVIFONVIF, Driving IP-based physical security through global standardizariononvif.orgLiaison (2)
OPC FoundationObject linking and embedding for process control foundationopcfoundation.orgLiaison (1)
OpenADR AllianceOpen Automated Demand Response Allianceopenadr.orgLiaison (3)
PCSFProcess Control System ForumLiaison (1)
PICMGPCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers GroupLiaison (2)
PLCopenPLCopen for efficiency in automationplcopen.orgLiaison (1)
PNETInternational P-NET User Organizationp-net.orgLiaison (4)
PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI)PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI)Liaison (6)
PROFIBUS/IO-LinkPROFIBUS international Nutzerorganisation e.V. IO-Link CooperationLiaison (1)
PSIAPhysical Security Interoperability Alliancepsialliance.orgLiaison (2)
RDS ForumRadio Data System ForumLiaison (2)
RTCMRadio Technical Commission for Maritime Servicesrtcm.orgLiaison (1)
SAE InternationalAerospace Standards Europesae.orgLiaison (1)
SAFETY NETWORKSafety Network InternationalLiaison (3)
SEMISemiconductor Equipment and Materials InternationalLiaison (1)
SERCOSSERCOS interfacesercos.orgLiaison (3)
SMPTESociety of Motion Picture and Television Engineerssmpte.orgLiaison (51)
STLShort-Circuit Testing Liaisonstl-liaison.orgLiaison (1)
TechAmericaTechAmericatechamerica.orgLiaison (1)
The Broadband ForumThe Broadband ForumLiaison (1)
The Zhaga ConsortiumConsortium for the standardization of LEC light enginesLiaison (2)
UCAlugUCA International Users GroupLiaison (8)
UCPTEUnion for the Coord. of the Production & Transport of ElectricLiaison (1)
UICInternational Union of RailwaysLiaison (3)
UIEInternational Union for Electricity ApplicationsLiaison (1)
UITPInternational Union of Public Transportuitp.orgLiaison (1)
USB-IFUSB Implementers Forumusb.orgLiaison (2)
USE61400-25USE61400-25use61400-25.comLiaison (1)
VAMASVersailles Project on Advanced Materials & Standardsvamas.orgLiaison (1)
VESAVideo electronic standards associationvesa.orgLiaison (3)
WFUMBWorld Federation for Ultrasound In Medicine and BiologyLiaison (1)
WHOWorld Health OrganizationLiaison (2)
eClass e.VInternational standard for the Classification and description of products and serviceseclass.deLiaison (2)
ebIXEuropean forum for energy Business Information eXchangeebix.orgLiaison (1)