International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


Comité consultatif de la sécurité


Définition des terms

Type of publication

horizontal safety function
Task assigned to a TC to prepare one or more basic safety publications


basic safety publication
Publication on a specific safety-related matter, applicable to many electrotechnical products

group safety function
Task assigned to a product TC to prepare one or more group safety publications


group safety publication
Publication covering all safety aspects of a specific group of products within the scope of two or more product TCs

A propos des Fonctions de Sécurité

The assignment of horizontal safety functions and group safety functions is the responsibility of the Advisory Committee on Safety (ACOS), subject to confirmation by the Standardization Management Board (SMB).

Information on the preparation and use of basic safety publications and group safety publications can be found in
IEC Guide 104.

This guide should be used in conjunction with
ISO/ IEC Guide 51.

Fonctions Horizontales de Sécurité

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Fonction Horizontal de Sécurité
Sécurité de Base

Installations électriques et protection contre les chocs électriques

Protection against electric shock
(See also Group Safety Functions)

Aspects systèmes

Functional safety of electrical/ electronic/ programmable electronic systems, (which would encompass safety-related software).

Degrés de protection procurés par les enveloppes

Degrees of protection provided by enclosures against ingress of foreign bodies, water and access to live or moving parts and standardization of accessibility probes. Such degrees should be expressed by the IP classification system.

Compatibilité électromagnétique

Electromagnetic compatibility in so far as safety aspects are involved.

Essais relatifs aux risques du feu

Guidance and test methods for assessing fire hazards of electrotechnical equipment, their parts (including components) and electrical insulating materials. Note: Terms and definitions in the field of fire tests from ISO/IEC 13943 are used wherever appropriate.


To specify methods of test and relevant equipment to evaluate generation, retention and dissipation of electrostatic charges on materials.

Conditions, classification et essais d'environnement

Methods for climatic tests
Methods for testing mechanical robustness

Sécurité des appareils électroniques dans le domaine de l'audio, de la vidéo, du traitement de l'information et des technologies de la communication

Methods of measuring touch current and protective conductor current. This includes methods of measurement of touch current with regard to physiological effects and of protective conductor current for installation purposes. The methods of measurement consider both normal conditions and certain fault conditions.
Safety of equipment - electrically connected to a telecommunications network.
(See also Group Safety Functions)

Coordination de l'isolement pour le matériel à basse tension

Insulation co-ordination for voltages upto and including 1 000 V a.c. and 1 500 V d.c. including dimensioning of clearances, creepage distances. This includes all methods of dielectric testing with respect to insulation co-ordination

Evaluation et qualification des systèmes et matériaux d'isolement électrique

Test methods for resistance to tracking

Fonctions groupées de sécurité

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Fonctions de Groupes de Sécurité
Groupe de Sécurité

Câbles électriques

Fire hazard testing of cables comprising :

  • Flame propagation tests,
  • Fire resistance tests,
  • Smoke optical density tests,
  • Corrosivity tests.
Systèmes et équipements électroniques de puissance

Power electronic converter systems and equipment for solar, wind, tidal, wave, fuel cell or similar energy sources

Petit appareillage
Connecting devices, either as separate entities or as integral parts of an end product, primarily for connecting external electrical supply conductors, for use with conductor cross sections of 0,2 mm2 up to and including 35 mm2 copper conductors and up to and including 50 mm2 aluminium conductors, but excluding connecting devices for data and signal circuits.
Disjoncteurs et appareillage similaire pour usage domestique
Residual current devices (RCDs)
Installations électriques et protection contre les chocs électriques

Protection against electric shock
(See also Horizontal Safety Functions)

Sécurité des appareils de mesure, de commande et de laboratoire

Test and measurement equipment, industrial-process control equipment, and laboratory equipment, for use in industry and laboratories, and for educational purposes.

Sécurité des rayonnements optiques et matériels laser

Aspects of laser radiation pertaining to human safety

Transformateurs, bobines d'inductance, blocs d'alimentation et combinaisons de ces éléments

Small power transformers and power supply units other than those intended to supply distribution networks, in particular transformers and power supply units intended to allow the application of protective measures against electric shock as defined by TC 64, and for special transformers and special reactors with no limitation of rated power but in certain cases including limitation of voltage.

Sécurité des appareils électroniques dans le domaine de l'audio, de la vidéo, du traitement de l'information et des technologies de la communication

Audio, video and similar equipment
(See also Horizontal Safety Functions)