International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


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TC/SC Secretariat

TC 3/SC 3C Graphical symbols for use on equipment
TC 35 Primary cells and batteries
TC 47/SC 47A Integrated circuits
TC 47/SC 47D Semiconductor devices packaging
TC 47/SC 47F Micro-electromechanical systems
TC 49 Piezoelectric, dielectric and electrostatic devices and associated materials for frequency control, selection and detection
TC 51 Magnetic components, ferrite and magnetic powder materials
TC 86/SC 86B Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components
TC 90 Superconductivity
TC 91 Electronics assembly technology
TC 100 Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment
TC 100/TA 1 Terminals for audio, video and data services and contents
TC 100/TA 6 Storage media, storage data structures, storage systems and equipment
TC 100/TA 8 Multimedia home systems and applications for end-user network
TC 100/TA 10 Multimedia e-publishing and e-book technologies
TC 100/TA 12 AV energy efficiency and smart grid applications
TC 100/TA 13 Environment for AV and multimedia equipment (tentative title
TC 100/TA 14 Interfaces and methods of measurement for personal computing equipment
TC 110 Electronic display devices
TC 120 Electrical Energy Storage (EES) Systems
TC 122 UHV AC transmission systems
CISPR/CIS/B Interference relating to industrial, scientific and medical radio-frequency apparatus, to other (heavy) industrial equipment, to overhead power lines, to high voltage equipment and to electric traction
CISPR/CIS/I Electromagnetic compatibility of information technology equipment, multimedia equipment and receivers