International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


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TC 11Overhead linesO-Member84
TC 13Electrical energy measurement and controlO-Member4723
TC 14Power transformersO-Member2613
TC 17High-voltage switchgear and controlgearO-Member1
SC 23ECircuit-breakers and similar equipment for household useO-Member2014
TC 31Equipment for explosive atmospheresO-Member287
SC 31JClassification of hazardous areas and installation requirementsO-Member51
TC 42High-voltage and high-current test techniquesP-Member117
TC 45Nuclear instrumentationP-Member343
SC 45AInstrumentation, control and electrical systems of nuclear facilitiesP-Member7527
SC 45BRadiation protection instrumentationO-Member569
TC 57Power systems management and associated information exchangeP-Member14059
TC 61Safety of household and similar electrical appliancesO-Member7915
TC 64Electrical installations and protection against electric shockO-Member4618
TC 78Live workingP-Member3710
TC 81Lightning protectionO-Member1413
TC 99System engineering and erection of electrical power installations in systems with nominal voltages above 1 kV a.c. and 1,5 kV d.c., particularly concerning safety aspectsO-Member2
TC 101ElectrostaticsO-Member1912
TC 113Nanotechnology standardization for electrical and electronic products and systemsO-Member2027
TC 121Switchgear and controlgear and their assemblies for low voltageO-Member
SC 121ALow-voltage switchgear and controlgearO-Member363
ISO/IEC JPC 2Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources - Common international terminologyP-Member5211
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25Interconnection of information technology equipmentO-Member2218