International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

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TC 1TerminologyO-Member853
TC 8Systems aspects for electrical energy supplyO-Member713
TC 17Switchgear and controlgearO-Member
TC 23Electrical accessoriesP-Member114
SC 23BPlugs, socket-outlets and switchesP-Member289
TC 31Equipment for explosive atmospheresP-Member2814
TC 34Lamps and related equipmentO-Member43
SC 34DLuminairesO-Member303
TC 36InsulatorsO-Member3512
SC 59MPerformance of electrical household and similar cooling and freezing appliancesO-Member3
TC 61Safety of household and similar electrical appliancesO-Member7921
TC 62Electrical equipment in medical practiceO-Member1
SC 62ACommon aspects of electrical equipment used in medical practiceP-Member3210
SC 62BDiagnostic imaging equipmentO-Member426
SC 62CEquipment for radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and radiation dosimetryO-Member326
SC 62DElectromedical equipmentO-Member4430
TC 64Electrical installations and protection against electric shockO-Member4611
TC 79Alarm and electronic security systemsO-Member4012
TC 82Solar photovoltaic energy systemsO-Member6182
TC 86Fibre opticsO-Member2410
SC 86BFibre optic interconnecting devices and passive componentsO-Member21560
TC 88Wind turbinesO-Member2318
TC 114Marine energy - Wave, tidal and other water current convertersO-Member410
TC 120Electrical Energy Storage (EES) SystemsO-Member5
TC 121Switchgear and controlgear and their assemblies for low voltageO-Member
SC 121ALow-voltage switchgear and controlgearO-Member365