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Electrical Energy Efficiency products


Collaboration Tools

The IEC Collaboration Tools Suite enables officers and experts from IEC TC/SCs to connect with other experts around the world and share their standardization work on-line.

The IEC login is necessary to access the Collaboration Tools Suite, access is given by the National Committees.

According to AC/2/2012, TC/SC secretaries and WG convenors shall ensure that as a minimum all meeting notices, agendas and reports are posted on the IEC Collaboration Tools Server.

Collaboration Tools Guide: pdf file 571 kB

The personal details can be changed by the experts at the IEC Expert Management System (EMS).
Changes will apply after 24 hours.

Information and access to other IEC Tools and applications are available following the link IEC Tools & Application on the right.

For technical support, please contact the IEC Technical Information and Support Services

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