International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 8

Systems aspects for electrical energy supply

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WG 6 Convenor & Members


Mr Arnaud Ulian
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Mr Claus Amtrup AndersenDK
Mr Hiroyuki AokiJP
Ms Nathalie BaumierFR
Mr Gilles BernardFR
Mr Martin J. BurnsUS
Ms Frances M. ClevelandUS
Mr François ColetFR
Mrs Debora Coll-MayorDE
Mr Yi Ding DingDK
Mr Cyril EffantinFR
Mr Juan González LaraES
Mr Lee GouldGB
Mr Laurent GuiseFR
Mrs Kathleen HänschDE
Mr Hideki HayashiJP
Mr Knud JohansenDK
Mr Sebastian KosslersDE
Mr Eric LambertFR
Mr Pierre-Jacques LE QuellecFR
Mr Miguel Martínez LavínES
Mr Kazuhisa NadaJP
Mr Andrei ProtasRU
Mr Jérome RyckboschFR
Mr Vicente Salas MerinoES
Mr Kjell SandNO
Mr Alexander SchenkAT
Mr Richard SchombergFR
Mr Dmitry SorokinRU
Mr Johannes SteinDE
Mr Thomas Ignaz StrasserAT
Mr Carlo TornelliIT
Mr Stanislav VotrubaCZ

Title & Task

WG 6

Generic Smart Grid Requirements


To launch a large series of small projects, each of them will lead to the publication of a generic use case document pertaining to a specific smart grid application. A task team for each of those projects will be established. Relevant experts from application domain TCs or from outside will be recruited.

To provide “Generic Smart Grid Requirements” with the following proposed standard structure:
- Part 1 Specific application of Method &Tools for Smart Grid
- Part 2 Business Process Generic Use Cases (with options)
- Part 3 Smart Grid functions
- Part 4 informative Annex : Domain Core Team reports (for traceability)