International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

SC 23B

Plugs, socket-outlets and switches

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AG 15 Convenor & Members


Mr Cristiano Masini
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Mr Andrea BassoIT
Mr John BurtonIE
Mr Bernard CantiniFR
Mr Christophe FrugierFR
Mr Bernhard HofDE
Mr Malcolm H. MullinsGB
Mr Giacomo ScainelliIT
Mr Armin SollbergerCH
Mr Rajeev VagdiaGB

Title & Task

AG 15

Chairman Advisory Group (CAG)


The tasks of the CAG are:
1. For proposals according to IEC/ISO rules received from different organization the CAG shall advise SC23B Chairman on:
– Method of working,
– Priorities,
– Time schedule,
– The appropriate group (AHG, existing MT, ad hoc of an existing MT, PT, WG, ...) that shall work on the specific subject,
– To determine how to communicate proposals to SC23B with the aim of achieving acceptance
2. Follow up of the evolution of the proposals,
3. To prepare a report of activity to SC23B plenary.