International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

SC 31G

Intrinsically-safe apparatus

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WG 4 Convenor & Members


Mr Günter Gabriel
Mr Udo Gerlach
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Mr Mohamed AbdelkrimiAU
Mr Giovanni Hummel BorgesBR
Mr Philip BrownAU
Mr Marius DarieRO
Mr Alexander V. DunaevRU
Mr Francesco Alessandro EspositoIT
Mr Rudolf HaukeDE
Mr Peter Robert HendersonAU
Mr Thomas HornDE
Mr Manfred KaiserDE
Mr Nicholas P. LudlamGB
Mr Jim MunroAU
Mrs Anna P. PorshinaRU
Mr Ted H SchnaareUS
Mr William SimpsonCA
Mr Carsten UberDE
Mr Jason WiggAU
Mr Alexander S. ZaloginRU

Title & Task

WG 4

Spark Test Apparatus


1. Monitor the development of the EST.
2. Improve the use and reliability of the existing STA. This includes further development of the guidance material and specifications drafted by the AHG for submission to MT60079-11 and -25.
3. Liaise with IECEx with regard to developments on the proficiency testing program for intrinsic safety.