International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 64

Electrical installations and protection against electric shock

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PT 60364-7-722 Project Leader & Members

Project Leader

Mr Enric Fajula
Mr Christophe Pfeiffer
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Mr Claudio AmadoriIT
Mr Joseph BabloUS
Mr Tudor BaiatuCH
Mr Dirk BarthelDE
Mr Cyriacus Andrianus BleijsFR
Mr Horst BlüchertSE
Mr Sergio BossiIT
Mr Gérard CoutyFR
Mr Geoffrey CronshawGB
Mr Bertrand P DoignonFR
Mr Manfred FrengerDE
Mr Matteo GavazzeniIT
Mr Per HöjevikSE
Mr Georg LuberDE
Mr David MascarenhasCA
Mr Malcolm H. MullinsGB
Mr Thomas NiemandDE
Mr Jacques PeronnetFR
Mr Volker RotheDE
Mr HIDEO ShimokawaJP
Mr Eduard StolzCH
Mr Marcel WennekesNL
Mr Gary WillardGB
Mr Horst WunderlichISO
Mr Kenji YamaguchiJP

Title & Task

PT 60364-7-722

Low voltage electrical installations


IEC 60364-7-722 : Low voltage electrical installations: Part 7-722: Requirements for special installations or locations - Supply of Electric vehicle