International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 91

Electronics assembly technology

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WG 12 Convenor & Members

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Mr Hideyuki ArakaneJP
Mr Hanseo ChoKR
Mr Soon-Kwan HongKR
Mr Leonid N. KechievRU
Mr Jin ho LeeKR
Mr Takaaki MurataJP
Mr Masahide OkamotoJP
Mr Hyo-Hoon ParkKR
Mr Gundolf ReicheltDE
Mr Karl A SauterUS
Mr Rainer TaubeDE
Mr Michail P. UtkinRU
Mr Katsumi YamamotoJP

Title & Task

WG 12

Design of printed boards and board assemblies


To develop and coordinate design methodologies and principles
that correspond to the concept of designing for competitive
manufacture. These principles are applicable whether the design
is established manually or whether automated tools perform the
physical arrangement function of the electronic parts and
conductors. Included in the principles are:

- design for fabrication,

- design for assembly,

- design for test,

- design for reliability,

- design for the environment.

Areas of work include:

A. Continue the work indentified in the Publication Plan,
jointly developed by TC 52 and TC 91, specifically as the work
relates to the IEC 1188 series of documents.

B. The new working group will make maximum opportunities for
liaison with other working groups of the involved TC's so that
all work is coordinated, where appropriate, with the existing
working groups who will provide the manufacturing and assembly
expertise. This includes various Component Committees such as
TC 40, TC 47, TC 48, etc.

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