International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 91

Electronics assembly technology

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WG 11 Convenor & Members

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Mr Hideyuki ArakaneJP
Mr Gerhard GrönerDE
Mr Soon-Kwan HongKR
Mr Satoshi KojimaJP
Mr Jin ho LeeKR
Mr Kyeong-Kyun LeeKR
Mr Masahide OkamotoJP
Mr Hyo-Hoon ParkKR
Mr Karl A SauterUS
Mr Rainer TaubeDE
Mr Michail P. UtkinRU
Mr Katsumi YamamotoJP

Title & Task

WG 11

Printed board electronic data description and transfer


To establish the methodology and formats to be used for the
transfer of information in digital form regarding the
descriptions of printed boards, printed board assemblies, and
the methodologies for maintaining the data in a cohesive and
unambiguous manner. Description of the data is primarily
dedicated to the transfer of design information to
manufacturers and represents intelligent machine
descriptive information regarding: phototooling, printed board
description, assembly parameters and electrical testing.

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Liaison Member
Liaison D