International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 88

Wind energy generation systems

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MT 22 Convenor & Members


Mr Peter Hauge Madsen
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Mr Sadao AkahoshiJP
Mr Claus BrynaaDK
Mr C.P. Sandy ButterfieldUS
Mr Ndaona ChokaniCH
Mr Christer ErikssonDK
Mr Harkjin EumKR
Ms Peggy FriisDK
Mr Martin GemenNL
Mr Urs GigerCH
Mr Christian HeringDE
Mr Arno HildebrandDE
Mr William E. HolleyUS
Mr Jong Chul HuhKR
Mr Toshiya IwashitaJP
Mr Leo E. JensenDK
Mr Keon-Hoon KimKR
Mr Tae Ki KimKR
Mr Sookrae KimKR
Mr Kiyeong kweonKR
Mr Per Hesselund LauritsenDK
Mr Alistair MacKinnonGB
Mr Miguel Martínez LavínES
Mr Hikaru MatsumiyaJP
Mr Takatoshi MatsushitaJP
Mr Torsten MuußDE
Mr Frank OrmelDK
Mr Choongyul SonKR
Mr Akihiro SuzukiJP
Mr Hirofumi TakanoJP
Mr Ryoichi TakemotoJP
Ms Ellen ThomsenDK
Mr Mike WöbbekingDE
Ms Yanhong ZHANGCN

Title & Task

MT 22

Revision of IEC WT 01, IEC System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Wind Turbines - Rules and procedures


This International Standard defines rules and procedures for a certification system for wind turbines and wind power plants that comprises both type certification and certification of wind turbine projects installed onshore or offshore.

This system specifies rules for procedures and management for carrying out conformity evaluation of wind turbines and wind power plants, with respect to specific standards and other technical requirements, relating to safety, reliability, performance, testing and interaction with electrical power networks.

The purpose of these rules and procedures is to provide a common basis for certification of wind turbines and wind power plants, including a basis for acceptance of operating bodies and mutual recognition of certificates.

Note! The work on IEC 61400-22 has been moved to IECRE WG501 Rules and procedures, to transition IEC 61400-22 into IECRE including splitting the document into technical requirements and conformity assessment processes. After the splitting, the technical content will be under the responsibility of TC88 (who will determine which project team or maintenance team shall take up this technical content).