International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 88

Wind energy generation systems

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MT 21 Convenor & Members


Mr Björn Andresen
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Ms Hortensia AmarisES
Mr Werner BartonDE
Mr Martin BrenneckeDE
Mrs María Castañeda VeraES
Mr Leif Svinth ChristensenDK
Mrs Clara Combarros HernándezES
Mr Bernhard CronjeDE
Mr Erik de JongNL
Mr Thomas DreyerDE
Mr John EckerleCH
Mr Michael EddsUS
Mr Ana EstanqueiroPT
Mr Jens FortmannDE
Mr Emilio Gómez LázaroES
Mr Tim HeeschDE
Mr Marko IbschDE
Mr Andy JakobsDE
Mr Knud JohansenDK
Ms Mi-Young KIMKR
Mr Sookrae KimKR
Mr Lukasz KocewiakDK
Mr Andreas KutznerDE
Mr Per Hesselund LauritsenDK
Mr Qing LICN
Mr Shaolin LICN
Mr Miguel Martínez LavínES
Mr Takatoshi MatsushitaJP
Mr José Miguel Miranda EscolarES
Mr Andreas MuellerDE
Mr Peter MuszynskiFI
Mr Karsten OhdeDE
Mr Mathias RubenDE
Mr Federico Rueda LondonoDK
Mr Alexander SalogaDE
Mr Fritz SantjerDE
Mr Cecilio SarobeES
Mr Poul SørensenDK
Mr Ryoichi TakemotoJP
Mr Niels Jacob Tarp-JohansenDK
Mr Elio TeixeiraES
Ms Ru WeiCN
Mr Eduard WiebeDE
Mr Mike WöbbekingDE
Mr Yoh YasudaJP

Title & Task

MT 21

Measurement and assessment of power quality characteristics of grid connected wind turbines


Based on the electrical characteristics of a wind turbine / wind power plant, a detailed analysis of the power system interface is required in order to analyze the grid support requirements, in the connection point, including:

• Definition and specification of the quantities to be determined for characterizing the electrical characteristics of grid connected wind turbines / wind power plants
• Measurement procedures for quantifying the electrical characteristics
• Procedures for assessing compliance with electrical connection requirements
• ….

The electrical characteristic includes power quality aspects, control performance such as power control, reactive power control, voltage control, frequency control, as well as grid protection test.

The described measurement procedures are valid for any size of wind turbine and wind power plant connected to the public grid, including the wind power plant controller and other connected equipment, necessary for the operation of the wind turbine / wind power plant.

The results of the electrical characteristics are used as input for the verification of the electrical simulation models as described in the IEC 61400-27.