International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

SC 86C

Fibre optic systems and active devices

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WG 5 Convenor & Members


Mr Gregory J Cowle
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Mr Michel BouquainFR
Mr Angelo Maria CastellanoIT
Mr Gregory J CowleUS
Mr Pietro Di VitaIT
Mr Jack DupreUS
Mr Richard EdnayGB
Ms Elaina FingerUS
Ms Veronique FrancoisCA
Mr Mike GilmoreGB
Mr Andre GirardCA
Mr Hideki IsonoJP
Mr Mikitaka ItohJP
Mr SriRaman KannanUS
Mr Michael KellyDE
Mr Junya KurumidaJP
Mr Gerard KuytNL
Ms Jie-Hyun LeeKR
Mr Mark LourieUS
Mr Billy LungUS
Mr Ian McCleanGB
Mr Akira MiyauchiJP
Mr Takeshi NakataJP
Mr Guy PerrotFR
Mr Peter Louis PondilloUS
Mr Reinhard PuschDE
Mr Mario SchleiderAT
Mr Takashi ShibuyaJP
Mr Atul SrivastavaUS
Mr Andrzej TymeckiPL
Ms Qiuping WuUS

Title & Task

WG 5

Dynamic Modules and devices


The coordination and harmonization of documents relating to dynamic modules and devices of all relevant subcommittees and working groups in TC86, and the creation and maintenance of standard documents and technical reports where required regarding such modules.