International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 25

Quantities and units

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WG 5 Convenor & Members


Mr Paul Gerome
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Mr Eilert BerglindSE
Mr Ludwik BielawskiPL
Mr Rudolf BorgesDE
Mrs Isabelle CelardinCH
Mr Richard DoyleUS
Mr Kazuhiro HommaJP
Mr Erik JacobsonDE
Ms Susana Losada GonzálezES
Mr Jan ObdrzalekCZ
Mr Jean SchwobFR
Mr Simão Melo SousaPT
Mr Malcolm SperrinGB
Mr Enrico Maria StaderiniCH
Mr Olivier VuilleminCH

Title & Task

WG 5

Physiological quantities and units


To prepare a Commitee Draf of IEC 60027-7 Ed.1 "Physiological quantities and units" based on 25/277/NP

To develop IEC 62536 Ed.1: Coordinated telebiometric multimodal interaction database, based on 25/348/NP