International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 10

Fluids for electrotechnical applications

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WG 33 Convenor & Members


Mr Riccardo Maina
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Mrs María-Nieves AlsinaES
Mr Tsuyoshi AmimotoJP
Mrs Frédérique BerthereauFR
Mr Marius GrisaruIL
Ms Ivanka Höhlein-AtanasovaDE
Mr Herbert KratkyAT
Mr Vladimir KuzilekCZ
Ms Jelena LukicRS
Ms Maria Augusta MartinsPT
Mr Colin MyersGB
Mr Alfredo Ortiz FernándezES
Mr Behrooz PahlavanpourGB
Mr Kevin James RappUS
Mr Fabio ScatiggioIT
Mr Vander TumiattiIT
Ms Michela TumiattiIT

Title & Task

WG 33

Thermal life analysis of insulating paper through oil analysis


To develop guidelines for the estimation of consumed life and aging rate of insulating papers in transformers in service throughout the results of furfural and related compounds dissolved in insulating oil.