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Graphical symbols for use on equipment

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VT 60417 Convenor & Members

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Mr Jukka AlveFI
Mr Peter DamgaardDK
Mrs Laurence DufrèneFR
Mr Josef FeichtingerAT
Mr Willibald GasselhuberAT
Mr Kenneth E. GettmanUS
Mr Yoshinari HorimotoJP
Mr Manfred KratzatDE
Mr Malcolm H. MullinsGB
Mr Josef RymusCZ
Ms Anette SchwuchowDE
Mr Tiberio SelvaIT
Mr Karl-Anker ThornDK
Mrs Cristina TimoIT
Mr Yoshikazu YamamotoJP

Title & Task

VT 60417

Validation Team for the maintenance of IEC 60417 - Graphical symbols for use on equipment


- To evaluate and validate proposed graphical symbols for use on equipment and vote for their release as part of the database standard IEC 60417 in accordance with Annex J of the IEC supplement to the ISO/IEC Directives.

- The delegates to the team act on behalf of their National Committees