International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 113

Normalisation dans le domaine des nanotechnologies relatives aux appareils et systèmes électriques et électroniques

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PT 62565-3-1 Chef de projet & Membres

Chef de projet

Mr Brent Segal
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Mr Eduardo Azanza LadrónES
Mr Charles CliffordISO
Mr Karl ColemanGB
Mr Shifeng DaiCN
Mr Norbert FabriciusDE
Mrs Angela R. Hight WalkerUS
Mr Jaehyun KimKR
Mr Youngpyo KimKR
Mr Mike LeibowitzUS
Ms xiaojing liuCN
Mr Greg LopinskiCA
Mr Soroush NazarpourCA
Mr Jan ObrzutUS
Mr Cesare PaguraIT
Mr Keith PatonGB
Mr Andrew PollardGB
Mr Alex PriceGB
Mr Aravind VijayaraghavanGB
Ms Donghui ZhangCN

Titre & Tâche

PT 62565-3-1

Nanomanufacturing - Material specifications - Part 3-1: Graphene - Blank detail specification


It is planned that there shall be a Technical Report to be developed within JWG 2 under the lead of TC 113. The PT leader shall ensure that there is a close cooperation between both teams.