International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 57

Power systems management and associated information exchange

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AHG 8 Convenor & Members

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On behalf of the IEC TC 57 working groups that specify utility communication protocols and object models, this ad-hoc group shall prepare a report about the use of IPv6 as a network protocol for IEC TC 57 standards. This report shall include network configuration, shall especially address allocation and transmission security, shall cover cyber security issues, along with the related management requirements and shall cover the its impact of permitting or requiring IPv6 on IEC TC 57 standards.

The ad-hoc group shall review IEC TC 57 standards and technical reports according to the reference architecture for power system information exchange (IEC 62357-1) and prepare recommendations for any modifications required by the introduction of IPv6 for revision of these documents. It shall consider the aspect of backward compatibility and show concepts as well as any necessary migration paths to IPv6 from IPv4 where necessary and other protocols in the IEC TC 57 framework.

This work applies to utility communication in public and private networks, including but not restricted to communication within substations, from substation to substation, from substation to control center, control center to control center, market communications, synchrophasors, distributed and bulk energy generation and storage resources and (including fossil fuel plants and renewables) wind-, and solar power generation, storage, demand side management, and demand response for distribution level consumers / producers.