International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 9

Matériels et systèmes électriques ferroviaires

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PT 62846 Chef de projet & Membres

Chef de projet

Mr Henrik Richter
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Mr Zhiguo FANGCN
Mr Tongxin HANCN
Mr Mitsuru IkedaJP
Mr Takeshi KuritaJP
Ms Hongmei LiCN
Mr Huiping LIUCN
Mr Jörg MohrichDE
Mr Kazuyoshi NezuJP
Mr Giuseppe PancariIT
Mr Guangfeng QiCN
Mr Ko YamaguchiJP

Titre & Tâche

PT 62846

Railway applications - Current collection systems - Requirements for and validations of measurementss of the dynamic interaction between pantograph and overhead contact line