International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 91

Electronics assembly technology

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WG 13 Convenor & Members


Mr Dennis B Brophy
Mr Genichi Tanaka
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Mr Victor BermanUS
Mr Yoshiharu FuruiJP
Mr Tamio HoshinoJP
Mr Hiroaki IkedaJP
Mr Hiroshi ImaiJP
Ms Kumiko IshikoJP
Mr Chris JorgensenUS
Mr Takashi KambeJP
Mr Toshiki KanamotoJP
Mr Osamu KaratsuJP
Mr Stan KrolikoskiUS
Mr Jin ho LeeKR
Mr Karl A SauterUS
Mr Alec StanculescuUS
Mr Genichi TanakaJP
Mr T.R. ThurmanUS
Mr Ron WaxmanUS

Title & Task

WG 13

Design Automation: Component, Circuit and System Description Language


To maintain the following series to continuously improve design productivity and design quality as a part of solutions :
- IEC 61691 series
- IEC 62530 and IEC 62531: design and verification languages
- IEC 61523 series: delay and power format
- IEC 62014 series: component characteristics format
To newly develop language, format and technical report to realize design for energy saving, design for higher reusability and interoperability among heterogeneous environments