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Steering Committee

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WG 1 Convenor & Members

Title & Task

WG 1

Smart Grid


Scope and operation of the Steering Committee Working Group on Smart Grid:
1. Produce and implement a process to ensure that the CISPR standards maintained in the CISPR subcommittees are coordinated so that there is a uniform approach in Smart Grid application with minimal differences.
2. Prepare a catalogue of all relevant standards in CISPR that apply or can be applied to the smart grid standardization activity.
3. Prepare draft position statements on the EMC aspects of SmartGrid for the Steering Committee. These position statements will be discussed in the steering committee and when they have been agreed as CISPR positions they will be presented to the IEC Advisory Committee on EMC (ACEC) by the appropriate CISPR representative at ACEC for co-ordination with TC77. These agreed CISPR positions will also be circulated to the CISPR and its subcommittee national committees as a DC document.
4. Operate following the usual WG rules but instead of reporting to a subcommittee, the WG shall report to the steering committee and its officers, through the convenor and co-convenor of the working group.
5. Establish liaisons (through CISPR/S) with relevant IEC TCs and others (e.g. CIGRE) to support the activity of the working group.
6. The working group will carry out reviews on relevant EMC standards, proposed for use in Smart Grid, referring any issues to CISPR/S.
7. Propose any actions in carrying out its scope and purpose.
8 .Conduct any other business related to the EMC of Smart grid as directed by CIS/S.