International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 64

Electrical installations and protection against electric shock

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MT 36 Convenor & Members


Mr Giovanni Cassinelli
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Mr Claudio AmadoriIT
Mr John Thomas BradleyGB
Mr Gérard CoutyFR
Mr Enric FajulaES
Mr Matteo GavazzeniIT
Mr Kenneth E. GettmanUS
Mr Jostein Ween GravNO
Mr Reinhard HirtlerAT
Mr Michal KrizCZ
Mr Alfred MoerxAT
Mr Ronald NiehoffNL
Mr Paul NorrisGB
Mr Jacques PeronnetFR
Mr Christophe PfeifferFR
Mr Holger PotdevinDE
Mr Eirik SelvikNO
Mr Kenji YamaguchiJP
Mr Claus-Dieter ZiebellDE

Title & Task

MT 36

Maintenance of IEC 60364-5-53, Clause 531


Maintenance of IEC 60364-5-53, Clause 531 - Devices for protection against indirect contact by automatic disconnection of supply