International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 14

Power transformers

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WG 32 Convenor & Members


Mr Gianmarco Ghioldi
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Mr Mustafa AliPK
Mr Carlo CarolloIT
Mr Gianfranco GiorgiIT
Mr Werner GötteDE
Mr Rajeev guptaGB
Mr Paul JarmanGB
Mr Alexander Yu. KhrennikovRU
Mr Sun-ho KimKR
Mr Andreas KurzDE
Mr Yuri LvovRU
Mr Emilio MoralesUS
Mr Regis PerquinFR
Mr Jean-Christophe RIBOUDFR
Mr Roberto RuffoloIT
Mr Michel SacotteFR
Mr Giuseppe VellerIT
Mr David WalkerGB

Title & Task

WG 32

Power transformers and reactor fittings


To develop the following standards:
- IEC 60076-22-1, Power transformer and reactor fittings – Protective devices;
- IEC 60076-22-2, Power transformer and reactor cooling equipment;
- IEC 60076-22-3, Power transformer and reactor fittings – Accessories and fittings