International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 31

Equipment for explosive atmospheres

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AG 36 Convenor & Members


Mr Mark Coppler
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Mr Donald W AnkeleUS
Mr Michael BeyerDE
Mr Konrad BrehmDE
Mr Ryan P BrownleeUS
Mr Colin Donald CameronGB
Mr Martin ColeCA
Mr Neil DennisAU
Ms Dalia El TawyUS
Mr Al EnglerUS
Mr Elmar FuchsDE
Mr Guenter GabrielDE
Mr Udo GerlachDE
Mr Colin HendersonGB
Mr Thierry HoueixFR
Mr Ben C. JohnsonUS
Mr Manfred KaiserDE
Mr Marino KelavaHR
Mr Paul T. KellyUS
Mr Dave KerfootGB
Mr Gerold Klotz-EngmannDE
Mr William G. Lawrence JrUS
Mr Frank LieneschDE
Mr Nicholas P. LudlamGB
Mr Mick MagharGB
Mr Evans MasseyUS
Mr Jon MillerUS
Mr Jim MunroAU
Mr Predrag PersicHR
Mrs Anke SachtlebenDE
Mr Ted H SchnaareUS
Mr Gerhard SchwarzDE
Mr Ron SinclairGB
Mr Martin ThedensDE
Mr Falk ThürmerDE
Mr Peter ThurnherrCH
Mr Thaison VuNO
Mr Otto WalchDE
Mr jun wangCN
Mr Ralph C. WiggAU
Mr Jason Alexander WiggAU
Mr Alexander S. ZaloginRU
Mr Brad J ZimmermannUS

Title & Task

AG 36

Chairman's Advisory Group


The members of the TC 31 CAG are:

TC Chairman;
SC Chairmen;
TC Secretary and Assistant Secretary;
SC Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries;
Convenors of WG/MTs of TC 31 and its subcommittees; and
IEC Central Office Technical Officer for TC31.

The Chairman and secretary of CENELEC TC 31 and CEN TC 305 are invited to attend meetings of the CAG as observers to serve as a liaison with those committees. The Secretary of the IEC Ex Scheme is invited to attend meetings of the CAG as an observer and serves as liaison with IEC Ex Scheme. Other persons may be invited as Guests to attend specific meetings of the CAG as appropriate.

The purpose of the CAG is to assure:
- Timely and efficient completion of TC 31 and its subcommittees programme of work;
- Productive performance of the Working Groups (WG) /Maintenance Teams (MT) and Projects Teams (PT).