International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 91

Electronics assembly technology

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WG 2 Convenor & Members

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Mr Uwe BlosfeldDE
Mr Sangsuk ChaKR
Mr Sun-Kee ChunKR
Mr Sergey V. DzyubanenkoRU
Mr Robert GregoryGB
Mr Koichi HagioJP
Mr Toshiro HiramotoJP
Mr Chris HuntGB
Mr Vladimir D. IvinRU
Mr Gao JianCN
Mr Chris JorgensenUS
Mr Jin ho LeeKR
Mr Graham NaisbittGB
Mr Anton NisanRU
Mr Masahide OkamotoJP
Sechuel ParkKR
Mr Colin John ParkinGB
Mr Len PillingerGB
Mr Gabriele SalaIT
Mr Koji SerizawaJP
Mr Mandar Pramod sinnarkarIN
Mr Hector SteenGB
Mr Rainer TaubeDE
Mr Jeffrey R. ToranUS
Mr Kaichi TsurutaJP
Mr Michail P. UtkinRU
Mr Alexei G. VoltchkovRU
Mr Katsumi YamamotoJP
Mr Vladimir N. ZverevRU

Title & Task

WG 2

Requirements for electronics assemblies


To establish international acceptance for standards and
guidelines in surface mounted assembly technology. The
standards and guidelines are to be developed through a
systematic review of existing standards or working through
member country standards organizations to refine or create new
standards related to surface mounted technology.

Areas of immediate work will include evaluating standards or
quidelines for the following:

1. Assembly process definitions (methods and options)

2. Solder material, fluxes and cleaning standards

3. Solder joint and workmanship standards (NTL-STD-SOLD)

4. Substrate material selection and specification

5. Requirements for writing specifications for SMT

6. In process test and measurement methods

7. Assembly equipment capability evaluation guidelines.

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