International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

SC 77A

EMC - Low frequency phenomena

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WG 8 Convenor & Members


Mr Xavier YANG
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Mr Arun AggarwalIN
Mr Mohamad AlawieCA
Mr Ton AlmeringNL
Mr Alex BaitchAU
Mr Gerhard BartakAT
Mr Raimond BauknechtCH
Mr Inigo BerganzaES
Mr Luca BettinsoliIT
Mr Guillaume BlondelFR
Mr Knud ChristiansenDK
Mr Luca DalessandroCH
Mr Emmanuel De JaegerBE
Mr Frank DeterDE
Mr Olivier DucarmeBE
Mr Zia EminGB
Mr John GingIE
Mr Daniel GonzalezFR
Mr Stephan GreitzkeDE
Mr José Luis Gutiérrez IglesiasES
Mr S Mark HalpinUS
Mr Michael HartmannAT
Mr Ari HonkalaFI
Mr Brian HüttmannDK
Mr Lars IbsenDK
Ms Claudia ImposimatoIT
Mr Bernd JäkelDE
Mr Henri KinnunenFI
Mr Miguel Martínez LavínES
Mr Sebastian MatharCH
Mr Julien MelotFR
Mr Yoshiki NakachiJP
Mr Romano NapolitanoIT
Mr Gaetan NDOFR
Mr Thomas O'ConnellIE
Mr Michael O'DwyerIE
Mr Santiago Otero PeñaES
Mr B Subba RaoIN
Mr Dominique RoggoCH
Mr Fabio ScalonGB
Mr Jean-François TissierFR
Mr Iker Urrutia GaldósES
Mr Wouter VancoetsemBE
Mr baoquan wanCN
Mr Benno WeisDE
Mr Victor WongMY
Ms Peizhong (Peggy) YiUS
Mr Yasutoshi YoshiokaJP
Mr Firuz ZareDK

Title & Task

WG 8

Description of the electromagnetic environment associated with the disturbances presenton electricity supply networks


a) To analyze the electromagnetic interference phenomena
related to quality of supply, for example:

-voltage fluctuations (flicker)
-voltage dips and short interruptions
-voltage unbalance
-power frequency variations
-ripple control/ mains signalling
-d.c. components

b) To prepare a description of the electromagnetic environment
with respect to above phenomena.

c) To establish typical environmental levels (compatibility
levels) to which emission and immunity levels can be related.

d) To prepare guidelines for the connection of large disturbing
loads to power supply system with regard to low frequency
disturbance phenomena (Engaged Task Force ICU will remain
provisionally allocated to WG 8 to finish this work).

e) To prepare a report related to the environment of LF
magnetic fields.

WG 8 will ensure contact and/or liaise with other WGs' of IEC/TC 77, other TCs' and international bodies e.g. CIGRE, CIRED, UNIPEDE, UIE, IEEE, and CENELEC.

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Liaison Member
Internal IEC Liaison
TC 61Mr Frank Deter
CISPRMr Stephen Colclough