International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

SC 77A

EMC - Low frequency phenomena

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WG 1 Convenor & Members


Mr Ton Almering
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Mr Arun AggarwalIN
Mr Kari Mikael AhlskogFI
Mr Antonio ArditoIT
Mr Julio Barros GuadalupeES
Mr Roger BergeronCA
Mr Michael BjörkmanFI
Mr Mathias BollenSE
Mr Ilya BudovskyAU
Mr Knud ChristiansenDK
Mr Ahmet ferit cosanTR
Mr Gerd DangrießDE
Mr Wim De KeselBE
Mr Frank DeterDE
Mr Jean-Luc DetrezBE
Mr Klaus FischerDE
Mr Walter GebhartAT
Mrs Aurora Gil de CastroES
Mr John GingIE
Mr Daniel GonzalezFR
Mr José Luis Gutiérrez IglesiasES
Mr Rony HaentjensBE
Mr S Mark HalpinUS
Mr Henrik HansenDK
Mr Thomas JäckleDE
Mr Rodrigo JimenezMX
Mr Anders LarssonSE
Mr Benoît LeprettreFR
Mr Philippe LoizeletFR
Mr Yasunori MaekawaJP
Ms Dalila Mat SaidMY
Mr Julio J. MeleroES
Mr Ernesto MendozaUS
Mr Scott MercerCA
Mr Christian NoceIT
Mr Thomas O'ConnellIE
Mr Michael O'DwyerIE
Mr Hak-tae OhKR
Mr Naotaka OkadaJP
Mr Peter PhilipsUS
Mr Joe PriscoUS
Mr B Subba RaoIN
Mr Fabio ScalonGB
Mr Werner SchulzDE
Mr Kwangmu SonKR
Mr Giovanni ValtortaIT
Mr Mathieu Van Den BerghUS
Mr Benno WeisDE
Mr Johan WijntjensNL
Mr John M. WoodgateGB
Ms yudi xieCN
Mr Edward YandekUS
Mr Xavier YANGFR
Mr Namik YilmazTR
Mr Yasutoshi YoshiokaJP
Mr Firuz ZareDK

Title & Task

WG 1

Harmonics and other low-frequency disturbances


a) To define limits of permissible harmonic and interharmonic
currents produced by individual pieces of equipment for direct
connection to supply systems networks and not submitted to
approval by or notification to the supply authorities for their

b) To define or give guidance with regard to permissible
harmonic and interharmonic currents produced by other pieces of
equipment for connection to power supply systems, particularly
those submitted to approval by or notification to supply
authorities for their connection.

c) To define the method of measurements and calculation as

d) To liaise with SC 77A/WG 8 or with international bodies with
regard to typical environmental voltage levels and compatibility (or maximum acceptable) voltage levels.

e) To liaise with SC 77A/WG 6 with regard to test procedures.

f) To liaise with TC 77/WG 1 for terminology matters.

Note 1.- Case a) Concerns mainly pieces of equipment of relatively small power installed or used in mass in the low-voltage network.

Case b) Concerns mainly individual pieces of equipment with
relatively high power.

Note 2.- In both cases a) and b) the conditions of use, the summation effects and the propagation through the supply networks (modelling of the network) should be taken into consideration.