International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

SC 62A

Common aspects of electrical equipment used in medical practice

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MT 27 Convenor & Members


Mr Jos Van Vroonhoven
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Mr Hans AndersenSE
Mr Marcelo AntunesBR
Mr Peter BøgeDK
Ms Kimberly BrownSmithUS
Mr Oliver P. ChristDE
Mr Alfred M. DolanCA
Mr R. Kent DonohueUS
Mr Sherman EaglesUS
Mr Klaus FreudensteinDE
Mr Yoshito IchikawaJP
Mr Yuji InoueISO
Mr Sooneun JungKR
Mr Kaarle KylmalaFI
Mr Walter LutzDE
Mr Philippe MalcaFR
Mr Gerd MatzkeDE
Mr Steve McRobertsGB
Mr José Carlos Teixeira Barros MoraesBR
Mr Tuomas NuorentoFI
Mr Michael W. SchmidtUS
Mr Martin SchneebergDE
Mr Martin SchraagDE
Mr Randolph StenderDE
Thomas StorchDE
Mr Jeffrey TellmannUS

Title & Task

MT 27

Risk management


To develop general requirements for, and deal with issues arising from, the application of risk management to electrical equipment used in medical practice.