International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

SC 59A

Electric dishwashers

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MT 2 Convenor & Members


Mr Wayne P. Klug
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Ms Songul BayraktarTR
Mr Richard BollardNZ
Troy DalsingUS
Mr Mike EdwardsUS
Mrs Natalie FussDE
Mr Lloyd HarringtonAU
Mr Gerhard HeilmannDE
Mr Heinz HeißlerDE
Mrs Kyran HoffUS
Ms Sadie HomerGB
Mrs Ina HookDE
Mr Mamoru IkeshimaJP
Mr Zhancun JIANGCN
Mr Jeff KieslerUS
Mr Dong-An KimKR
Mr Jorgen H. KjeldgaardDK
Ms Ayla KuranTR
Mr Hervé LavignacFR
Mr Alessandro MalacridaIT
Mr Paul Edward Newsom, IIUS
Mrs Helena NilssonSE
Mr Jeremy OwensGB
Ms Didem PolatTR
Mr Paul RichterSE
Mr Phillip RobinsonAU
Mr Takehiko SatoJP
Mr Kazunari ShimomuraJP
Mr Andrea SoffiatiIT
Mr Rainer StammingerDE
Mrs Karin SvantessonSE
Mr Joseph D TobbeUS
Mr Petr ValouchAU
Mrs Anna WendkerDE
Mr Haoping XIONGCN
Mr Cheol-ho YoonKR

Title & Task

MT 2

Dishwasher tests


The Working Group is to take the revised draft CENELEC EN 50242
Standard as the basis of developing a revised IEC Standard. In
the preparation of the new draft IEC document, Working Group 2
will take into account the needs of other countries of the
world and directive from TC 59 in relation to matters such as
test conditions (including test conditions such as temperature,
pressure and water quality), various configurations of
dishwashers (e.g. hot, cold and dual connections), the
contribution to total energy consumption of externally supplied
hot water and the availability of local soiling agents and so
The Working Group is also to take into account the comments and
submissions made by member countries regarding Document
59A/58/CD, in particular the compilation of comments
(59A(Pretoria/Secretariat)2), comments from New Zealand
(59A(Pretoria/New Zealand)4) and the Netherlands
(59A(Pretoria/Netherlands)5), as well as discussions and
documented decisions of the SC 59A meeting at Pretoria. Member
countries are also invited to resubmit comments on 59A/58/CD
with the revised scope of WG 2 in mind.
If the Working Group cannot complete the development of a
single international test method based on the above principles
within approximately 1 year and a half, it is reported to SC
59A the nature of the problems.
The Working Group is then to prepare a document for SC 59A
consideration using the two test method approach as follows:
- Method A based on IEC 436 with necessary improvements for use
in comparative testing.
- Method B based on the final CENELEC test method for
reproducible results.