International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

SC 45A

Instrumentation, control and electrical power systems of nuclear facilities

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WG 7 Convenor & Members


Mr Simon White
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Mr Anatoly AlpeevRU
Mr Franz AltkindCH
Mr Steven ArndtUS
Mr Julien BachFR
Mr Hervé BruneliereFR
Ms Cornelia BühlerDE
Mr Jean-Pierre BurelFR
Mr François Michel Yves CabaneFR
Mr Jean-Luc ChaneliereFR
Mr Changhwan choKR
Mr David CurtisGB
Mr John F. de GrosboisCA
Mr Pierre DiakonoffFR
Mr Alexandre DuboisFR
Mr Vladimir N. DurnevRU
Mr Karl-Erik ErikssonSE
Mr Larry ErinUS
Mr Kevin FernandesCA
Mr David FournierCA
Mr Yasutake FujishimaJP
Mr Jean GassinoFR
Mr Mikhail Yu. GavrikovRU
Ms Elena GubinaRU
Mrs Eva GustavssonSE
Mr Karim Hamidi-GeorgesFR
Mr Mattias Erik Oskar HanssonSE
Mr Christian HesslerDE
Mr Philippe HilsenkopfFR
Mr Hiroshi HosonoJP
Mrs Sofia JohanssonSE
Mr Gary L. JohnsonUS
Mr Bishara KakundaUS
Mr Ansup KimKR
Mr Sookrae KimKR
Mr Peter KöferliCH
Mr Jung-Soo KohKR
Mr In-Soo KooKR
Mr Jang-Soo LeeKR
Mr Arndt LindnerDE
Mr Horst MiedlDE
Mr Ludovic André MORELFR
Mr G. MoumCA
Mr Sven Olof PalmSE
Mr Tony ParsonsGB
Mr Johannes PickelmannDE
Mr Rainer Kurt PielDE
Mr Aleksandr PitasovRU
Mr Pascal RegnierFR
Mr Nicolas RicherFR
Mr Stephen SeamanUS
Mr Volodymyr SklyarUA
Mr Sean M SmithUS
Mr Kwang-Young SohnKR
Mr Hirotsugu SUZUKIJP
Mr Heimo TakalaFI
Mr Alexander TimoninRU
Mr Serhii TrubchaninovUA
Mr Vladimir TsarevRU
Mr Jan Karol TuszynskiSE
Mr Geert VermaerkeBE
Mr Nick WallGB
Mr Richard WoodUS
Mr Mykhaylo YastrebenetskyUA
Mr Lawrence H. YuCA
Mr Zhao Chang (Charles) ZengCA

Title & Task

WG 7

Functional and safety fundamentals of instrumentation, control and electrical power systems


The Working Group WG7 produces and maintains standards and reports on particular aspects of the fundamental principles for instrumentation, control and electrical power systems important to safety for nuclear facilities (i.e. power plant, nuclear fuel cycle and waste facilities).

The standards produced by WG7 will expand the IAEA standards and guidance including:

- SF-1 Fundamental Safety Principles
- SSR-2/1 Safety of NPP – Design
- NS-R-4 Safety of Research Reactors
- NS-R-5 (Rev. 1) Safety of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities
- SSG-30 Safety Classification of SSC in NPP
- INSAG– 10 Defence in Depth in Nuclear Safety

and seek compliance with them.

The standard developed by the working group will also take cognisance of other IAEA guides relevant to instrumentation, control and electrical power systems including:

- SSG-39 Design of I&C Systems for NPPs
- SSG-34 Design of Electric Power Systems for NPP
- SSG-37 Instrumentation and Control Systems and Software Important to Safety for Research Reactors

but will not address detailed design and related matters that are the scope of other SC45A working groups principally WG A3 (I&C systems) and WG A11 (Electrical power systems).

The task thus includes:

• Categorisation of safety functions
• Generic principles of Classification of instrumentation, control and electrical power systems important to safety and functional allocation requirements
• Defence in depth
• Denial of service by single failures
• Defence against Common Cause Failure (including systematic faults) and
the implementation of techniques such as separation, diversity and isolation to achieve independence and protection from internal and external hazards and from random and systematic faults.
• Quantitative reliability evaluation, its assurance by surveillance and proof testing and limitation by consideration of common cause failures and systematic faults.
• Analysis techniques for the identification and treatment of potential random and systematic faults.

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